A historical subsidiary

For more than 60 years, Rossi has developed products for the most demanding applications, becoming a world leader in the manufacture of gearboxes and geared for major heavy industry facilities in the mining, steel and plastic among others, of which is market leader.

The Spanish subsidiary, located in a strategic infrastructure, manages the Spanish and Portuguese markets, professionally serving the most demanding customers.






A specialized technical team has been satisfying, for more 20 years, the most demanding and customized needs of metal, plastic, construction and food industries, among the others.

Our products and their cutting edge technologies are not our only secret: the ongoing effort to improve service, customer care and customization are our competitive advantages.


Rossi S.p.A. presents its upgrade of the S catalog of heavy duty roller...
Rossi S.p.A. presents its upgrade of the G catalog of helical and...
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